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January Playlist: Age of Aquarius

Check out our Aquarius playlist and vibe out ~

Age of Aquarius
Happy New Year everyone! You made it through one hell of a year. Though the hardships of 2020 will unfortunately carry into this new year, I'm optimistic about what lies ahead. And another reason to be optimistic? Jupiter is in Aquarius for the first time in twelve years!

Maybe you're an eccentric Leo or a comfort-is-key Taurus. Whatever your sign, your style is probably written in the stars! Here are our favorite looks for each sign!   Aries You're bold and like to take risks in fashion but you still keep it low-key. You're low-key cool, wearing subtle yet defining pieces. Vali Leopard Bias Skirt This skirt is a slim-fit, chic piece in a bold multi-color leopar...

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