Maybe you're an eccentric Leo or a comfort-is-key Taurus. Whatever your sign, your style is probably written in the stars! Here are our favorite looks for each sign!



You're bold and like to take risks in fashion but you still keep it low-key. You're low-key cool, wearing subtle yet defining pieces.
This skirt is a slim-fit, chic piece in a bold multi-color leopard print. Dress it up or down for an understated yet eye-catching look. 


You're a homebody who values comfort over anything but that doesn't mean you don't have style! You may not be overtly sexy but you like to dress cool, calm and collected! 
This sweater is an all-time favorite of all Lovestitch fans. It feels like you're wearing a blanket but with its slouchy hood and deep pockets, you'll feel and look effortlessly cool. 


Your style is anything but predictable! You dress according to your mood and/or current vibe and you feel confident in heels or tennis shoes.
This amazing cropped jumpsuit can be worn casual or dressed up, however you're feeling. It's so versatile and easy, it can take you wherever you feel like going, even if you change your mind last minute!


You love anything classic and timeless, you're not too into trends and what's hot "right now". You're cool, laid-back style is sophisticated but never too pretentious.
This beautiful, elegant dress is timeless and sophisticated. Perfect for a date night or any occasion. Dress it down with boots or dress it up with a clean, classy pair of heels. 


The brighter & bolder, the better! You're not afraid to take risks, fashion or otherwise, and it shows! 
This kimono is sure to turn heads! It's colorful tie-dye pattern and long, flowy body are sure to make this a show-stopper. Wear it poolside, beachside or dress it up over all white. 


You're a classy lady but also a total babe. You prefer subdued styles with just a dab of sexy. 

This gorgeous jumpsuit is refined & classy but also sets off a total "babe alert" with it's deep V-neckline and sexy open back detail.


You're edgy but cool. You switch your style up frequently but always maintain the cool, sexy and fun vibe you exude. 

We absolutely love the vintage feel and look of this wide-leg tencel jumpsuit. It is super soft and the fit is amazing. It's fun, flirty and oh-so-classy.


You like what you like and that's just all there is too it. You're by no means "basic" but when you find something you like, you tend to roll with it. Just because you like to streamline your look, there is nothing boring about you. There's aways something sexy about your style.
This effortlessly cool jumpsuit looks amaze with nothing underneath it. But you can always add a bralette, a tee or a tank for a less risqué look. 


You tend to reach for the more feminine pieces and prints are always your thing.

This floral midi dress has your sign written all over it! It's feminine and classy silhouette speak to you, as does it's bold floral print. 


You like simple styles that you don't have to think too hard about but you also love to look put-together and amazing. You choose unique versions of timeless classics. 

A beautiful sleeveless top in timeless black & white polka dots with a smocked waist band and mock neck. Dress it up or wear it casual!


You are an innovator and you love to experiment with style, however, you tend to stick with the basics. You dress for YOU, no one else, and that's why we love you. 

This sheer, embroidered number looks great over a bralette or bandeau. Understated, sexy and undeniably Aquarian. 


Your bohemian nature favors long, flowy dresses and relaxed silouhettes. You may live in clouds but you're style is also down to earth with a hint of sexy.

This gorgeous, flowy & elegant dress is SO PISCES! It's long straps allow you to tie this dress however you please and it's sexy open back is the perfect compliment to it's bohemian vibe. 
Think our style choice didn't match your sign? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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