2023 Spring/Summer
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Opening our first brick & mortar store in the midst of a pandemic was definitely not our intention, but here we are! Back in early 2020, our CEO made a decision that is shaping our brand to this day.

If you've ever been to the Urth Cafe in downtown Los Angeles, you know here is an amazing window between the dining area and the bakery. It's quite the experience to sit there enjoying a pastry whilst watching someone make a pastry! 

That's essentially the concept for our flagship store. We want shoppers to be able to look through a window into the heart of our company: headquarters.

The storefront from the street is made of original raw brick, with the creeping fig beginning to take over from the bottom up. Upon entering the ceiling-high double doors, you feel like you're entering a fortress, and in many ways you kind of are!

The inside of a shop is like a bohemian princess's dream come true! Authentic Moroccan rugs are scattered across the raw cement floor, giving it a rustic and warm feel. The walls are original raw brick, which only adds to the rustic warmth vibe of the store. 

The assortment in the store is only a fraction of what you'll find online, but it's a beautifully curated collection of the most relevant styles of the season. You won't leave empty handed, especially if you pass by one of our many 3rd party brands! Look for chic SoCal sunglasses by Indy or Shwood, luxurious skincare created by our favorite black-owned business, SknMuse; trendiest shoe collection, NEW Levi's denim jeans, upcycled one-of-a-kind jackets, and authentic vintage band tees!

It's a short walk to the back of the store to see where the magic happens through giant sliding doors. Behind those doors you'll spot the the designers, production team, technical designers and the marketing and ecommerce team, all working hard to bring you the styles that you love. 

Come visit us at our very first brick & mortar shop at 836 Traction Ave. Los Angeles CA 90013 for a shopping experience unlike any other! 


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