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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2018

It’s May! And that means Mother's Day is fast approaching! May 13th is a day for you to show appreciation to any special mother in your life, even your best friend who is an animal mama!  No matter who the special mothers are that you’re celebrating this year, we have something special for them! We know, the best, most meaningful gifts are the priceless ones! Our moms especially love cards, grandiose displays of affection and sentimental, homemade gifts. But really, what mother wouldn’t also love something new and chic to make her feel and look beautiful? This year we’re on the hunt for stylish pieces she can effortlessly incorporate into her wardrobe! We’re thinking flowy dresses, beautiful tote bags and gorgeous kimonos! Keep scrolling to see what we’ll be spoiling our own moms with this Mother’s Day! And pssst...use this code for 10% off your entire order: MAMALOVE10


1. Kaia Wrap Skirt 

2. Portia Kimono

3. Cardiff Crochet Tote

4. Bronwyn Beach Throw

5. Rowena Dress

6. Kiki Open back Pullover

7. Point Reyes Mila Maxi 

8. Alaya Top




Festival Ready

Festival Ready

It is officially our favorite time of the year, FESTIVAL SEASON! Escaping to a festival for the weekend is pretty magical and a nice reprieve from your usual day-to-day. We love everything about festivals, from the beautiful art installations and meditation tents to dancing to our favorite music and spending quality time with friends. A huge part of the fun is figuring out what we're going to wear! While we covet great style, we also love to be comfortable. Festivals are always so much better when you look great AND feel great. We know it can be a challenge to find clothes that are sexy, stylish and comfy! Don't fret, we've got you covered! Check out our favorite festival-ready styles below! Psst! Use code: festival10 for 10% off your entire purchase! 

Dajana Lace Caftan

Saguaro Harem Jumpsuit

 Bianca Kimono

 Romina Dress

Meilani Romper



Get Ready for Spring!

Get Ready for Spring!

As mild as California winters can be, we still long for the sun-kissed days of Spring! We enjoy taking long hikes with friends, picnicking at the park or sunbathing at the beach! But, the best part of Springtime? Spring cleaning and choosing a few new items to spruce up our wardrobes!

Spring style always makes us think feminine – from romantic silhouettes to pretty floral prints. After being bundled up all winter and living in cute sweaters we are living for all the gorgeous embroidery, flirty prints and eyelet details.

Check out a few of our favorite spring styles below 💓

Farrah Dress

 Mallorca Embroidered Dress

 Leighton Wrap Skirt

 Wren Dress

Melina Romper

Tilly Floral Dress


Let's go on Vacation!

Although the temperatures are actually getting cooler right now in LA, do not be fooled! March has begun and soon Spring will be sprung! Whether you're running away from the chilly winter weather or planning an upcoming getaway we know one of the biggest stresses of going on a trip is always what to wear! Well, no need to worry - here at Lovestitch we have an amazing selection of vacation ready dresses, tops and bottoms. Get some style inspo from some of our favorite blogger babes below! 


The Super Soft Theo Hoodie

I love hoodies and sweatshirts, I practically live in them. I typically find the best ones at thrift stores, vintage stores or my Dad's closet. However, my newest, most favorite piece of clothing is the Lovestitch Theo Hoodie. This hoodie is incredibly soft (you must feel it to believe it!), just the right weight and just the right length. I love to pair my hoodie with high-waisted jeans, denim cutoffs or of course, sweatpants. I am obsessed!

Moral of this story, if you love the feel and look of vintage sweatshirts and hoodies, you will LOVE the Theo Hoodie! Check out all the colors below! 

Theo Hoodie in Black

Theo Hoodie in Pistachio

Theo Hoodie in Light Grey

Theo Hoodie in Off White

Theo Hoodie in Blush

Theo Hoodie in Olive

February 22, 2018 by michelle stoler

Crisp Mornings, Hot Coffee and our FAVORITE Sweater Coat

Winter came a bit late to Los Angeles this year and nearing the end of February, we are finally feeling it! While it's not snowing in LA anytime soon, these lower temps are making us reach for our piping hot coffee, thick wool blankets and of course, our warmest, coziest Lovestitch Lennox Sweater Coat.

The Lennox Sweater Coat is MAGICAL! It is big and roomy just as an oversized sweater coat should be. It has deep side pockets, perfect for your keys, your phone and wallet! It has a deep, oversized hood, perfect for shielding your face from high wind gusts and frigid air. Best of all, it comes in plenty of gorgeous colors. 

We take our Lennox Sweater Coat EVERYWHERE! It comes with us on camping trips, on long chilly walks with our dogs and anywhere we need to be outside in cold temps for extended periods of time. We especially LOVE taking it to music festivals! It is our most coveted coat for dancing the night away and staying warm. Our one piece of advice? Keep your Lennox close because we guarantee that one of your friends will want to steal it from you! (It has happened to us!)

February 21, 2018 by michelle stoler

Dresses for your Baby Bump!

So you're preggo! Congratulations! You're life is about to completely change (for the better) and for the next nine months- so will your wardrobe! We find that comfort is of the utmost importance when toting a growing human around in your belly, and we think you may agree!

Lovestitch has the widest selection of gorgeous bohemian and incredibly comfortable dresses that will keep you feeling like your stylish self while also accommodating your growing belly. We have a plethora of flowy dresses with oversized and billowy silhouettes ideal for beach days, lunch dates, evenings on the town and even dresses perfect for baby showers and weddings!

Check out our selection and see what best fits you and your bump! If you're unsure about what will work for you- give us a call! We have stylists that would be more than happy to walk you through your options and make sure you love your new clothes!


1. The Mila Maxi Dress

You simply can not go wrong with our most popular dress, the Mila Maxi. It comes in dozens of colors, prints and fabrics and even comes in various tie-dye prints! This dress features adjustable skinny straps, sexy double V-neckline, functioning pockets and so much room for your growing belly! 

Some of our favorites:

Antelope Valley Mila Maxi

Cape Cod Mila Maxi

Nantucket Mila Maxi

Ojai Valley Mila Maxi


2. Kimono Sleeved Maxis






This dress is a favorite with our preggo ladies who have special events to go to like baby showers and weddings! This style can be dressier or more casual depending on the print and fabric and also- how you accessorize it!

Some of our favorites:

Blossom Dress

Iliana Dress

Ambrosia Dress

Annabelle Dress


3. Jumpsuits!



We are obsessed with our jumpsuits and the best part is- they work great for baby bumps! We love the jumpsuit trend and are thrilled that you can still enjoy wearing these one piece wonders with a bump!

Some of our favorites:

Laina Jumpsuit

Maya Harem Jumpsuit

Sanne Jumpsuit


4. Boho Kimonos





We love throwing kimonos over jeans, dresses, swimsuits and just about anything! These sheer, oversized numbers add instant style to your outfit and they come in handy whenever you don't feel like making too much of an effort but still want to look chic! 

Some of our favorites:

Bianca Kimono

Bex Kimono

Frieda Kimono

Portia Kimono


February 16, 2018 by michelle stoler

3 Ways to Wear the Mila Maxi Dress

Each season we witness fashion evolving into something new and it's virtually impossible to keep up with the ever-changing trends. Additionally, the fact of the matter is, not every woman has the time or funds to shop her heart out with every changing season- and she doesn't have to! Lovestitch has a knack for creating the most timeless, versatile pieces that can be worn a ton of different ways. Take the gorgeous Mila Maxi Dresses for example! 

Our absolute favorite dress has been a staple in our closet for years, the Mila Maxi Dress. It comes in a variety of colors, textures and prints and it is the easiest dress to throw on and still look super chic. The free flowing, bohemian silhouette is effortless and the best part about this dress is that it has functional pockets! Pockets make this beautiful dress even more amazing and incredibly comfortable!

 One Dress – 3 Ways to Wear It

Yup, you got that right. The Mila Maxi Dresses may look like ordinary dresses to you, but do not be fooled! These are brilliantly designed dresses that feature soft, comfortable materials in gorgeous colors, block printed tie-dyes and original floral prints. These gorgeous maxi dresses come in so many different styles and colors, you’d be aching to get your hands on all of them!

Pick any gorgeous dress from the broad range of Mila Maxis available at Lovestitch and you’ll find that you paid for 3 different clothing items, for the cost of just one. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out how you can wear the Mila Maxi Dresses in 3 different ways.

1.      Great Accessories Go a Long Way


Just because you bought a maxi dress doesn’t mean you should save it for special occasions, or date night alone. A maxi dress stands out the most because it can be worn absolutely anywhere – if accessorized and styled correctly.  If you haven’t been a fan of accessories before, now is the time to start. Good accessories can make absolutely any outfit pop and look amazing.

Pairing up your Mila Maxi Dresses with gorgeous accessories, such as gladiator sandals, a cool hat, a matching scarf, belts, necklaces, etc., not only helps you turn up your look, but it also allows you to let the world see the playful and creative girl you are!

2.      Wear It Short


Just because you bought a maxi dress doesn’t mean the only way it’s supposed to be worn is long and flowing. In fact, you can create at least 5 different styles of dresses with just one maxi dress! You can wear it long, shorten it, add a blazer on top, the list is endless! Add some fun and excitement in your outfit by tying up the bottom of the dress to wear it short like the harem style maxi featured above! Pair it with an awesome pair of sneakers and some gorgeous accessories for an even more stylized look!

Additionally, you can tie the knot a little higher to make the maxi shorter. If you are a DIY fanatic, you can also create a romper out of the maxi just with a couple of knots in the right places.

3.      Pair Your Mila Maxi with Heels

If you happen to believe that maxi dresses are only supposed to be worn with a certain type of shoes, such as flats, sneakers, gladiator sandals, etc., then you’re missing out on a brilliant outfit idea! Next time you’re glamming up your outfit, try on your maxi with heels! Pairing up your maxis with a super cute pair of metallic heels will instantly boost your look and give you that subtle touch of sophistication with a nighttime vibe.

If you’re still doubtful of rocking high heels with your Mila Maxi, wear a shorter heel so you can walk in them easily, and pick a color close to the color of the maxi dress so that it’ll complement the complete look. And never forget the importance of accessorizing accurately.

Additional Tips

Although we’ve mentioned 3 very simple ways to rock that Mila Maxi Dress, we have additional tips to offer because these aren’t the only ways you can wear your maxi dress. If you are dedicated enough, you can even create a skirt out of the Mila Maxi just by putting on a shirt of your choice, or a blazer with the zip closed. The result will give an impression of a skirt and it’ll be an outfit like no other!

These were the several ways in which you can wear and rock your Mila Maxi while having fun and looking great!  So, go grab your Mila Maxis from Lovestitch today before their stock runs out!

Find Your Perfect Valentine's Dress

Find Your Perfect Valentine's Dress

Romance is in the air! Can you feel it? Probably, since the most romantic, love-filled day is just around the corner! You may have spent countless hours choosing the perfect gift, planning the perfect date and then suddenly you realize, "Oh NO! I forgot about the perfect dress". Take a deep breath and pour yourself a glass of wine because as always, we've got you covered! Here at Lovestitch it is our top priority to make you feel special and beautiful in every stitch you wear (pun intended) so ladies- look no further! Shop our favorite romantic dresses  that'll have your partner giving you heart eyes all night long. 



Take a California Adventure with Lovestitch

Take a California Adventure with Lovestitch

Join us on an adventure with Lovestitch Babe's Carolina, Ashley and Ally. Together we'll take you for a journey through the Malibu Hills and the California Coast where we learn to embrace friendship and freedom. Watch the full video below!

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