Welcome to November! Below are some important astrological dates to circle in your calendar this month: 
Saturday, November 4th: Saturn Retrograde ends
Monday, November 13th: New Moon in Scorpio
Wednesday, November 22nd: Sagittarius season begins
Monday, November 27th: Full Moon in Gemini
Here is your astrological forecast for November, according to Alexandria Lettman at Bustle.com:


Aries & Aries Rising:
"Aries, say yes in November — to new experiences, a spontaneous romantic getaway, and any opportunity to broaden your mental horizons and learn something new. When you journey outside your comfort zone, you’ll find magic. You will be full of wanderlust, positivity, and inspiration as you find your groove again after an intense period of healing. But as you leave the past behind you, don’t let communication falter. Keep opening up and owning your mistakes without shame."

Taurus & Taurus Rising:
"Hold onto hope and believe that everything is working out in your favor. By romanticizing the little things in your life — from your errands and coffee run to your daily work commute — you will spot blessings in disguise and make mundane activities feel special. Dust off the expensive beauty and wellness products you’ve been saving for a special occasion, and take care of yourself by bringing a lavish touch to your everyday routines.

Gemini & Gemini Rising:
"As your relationships take center stage, the temptation to envision an entire future with your significant other — or the stranger you just met — will be hard to ignore. Be careful not to overwhelm people with your enthusiasm. Take things one step at a time to ensure you receive as much love as you give, and don’t assume that others are necessarily on the same page as you. Moments of disillusionment will challenge you to shift your life perspective. Keep a level head as you figure out what you truly want."

Cancer & Cancer Rising:
"What purpose is keeping you motivated? Small, necessary tasks will quickly become tedious if you aren’t fueled by passion. If you find yourself in a productivity slump, zoom out to gain perspective. Channeling your creativity into home projects will bring opportunities to instill balance and beauty into your domestic life and bring you closer to your family, roommates, or neighbors. Choose quality over quantity when decorating your space and trust others' artistic visions."

Leo & Leo Rising:
"Express your excitement, sensuality, and creativity without restraint, and you’ll notice that your infectious joy rubs off on others. Be the person who lights up the room, and makes others feel comfortable enough to be themselves without judgment. As your social life becomes an increasing area of focus, you may need to hash out difficult conversations with a friend. Go directly to the person you need clarification from rather than discussing matters with people who are not involved."

Virgo & Virgo Rising:
"It’s time to explore your values, carefully evaluating how your time, energy, and resources reflect your priorities. Allow yourself the freedom to expand beyond your expectations; enjoy learning about yourself and how you have evolved. If you find yourself engaged in a public dispute, choose your words carefully and only speak on what you know. Your desire to be right could land you in trouble when someone calls you out on your inaccuracies or oversights. Don’t be mad at the messenger who delivers you the truth." 

Libra & Libra Rising:
"Prepare for new admirers to make their presence known as Venus dances through your sign beginning on Nov. 8, amplifying your magnetism and alluring energy. Flirt without the pressure to commit and use your charm to persuade others to have faith in your ideas. As November winds down, expect revelations that challenge your perception of the truth. Be strong enough to admit where you got things wrong and demonstrate your willingness to learn from others."

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising:
"After an intense period of hard work and emotional healing, it’s time to give back to yourself. Invest in comforts that bring ease to your life, but avoid going overboard with your spending, borrowing, or generous loans. Realizing that you are no longer gaining happiness from your relationships or the experiences you used to enjoy will force you to confront your deeper feelings. Cutting ties and closing chapters may be required in order to put your needs first."

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising:
"Your mythic aspirations will lead you astray if you chase adventures without tact and clear direction. Set intentions for the month ahead and avoid overestimating what you can accomplish. It’s better to lower your expectations than to let wild ambitions lead to failure. The fate of your relationship may be determined by your ability to communicate under the Gemini full moon on Nov. 27. Stay open, honest, and accountable as you work through issues."

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising:
"Your radiant charm and sophistication are working wonders for your reputation. However, your social battery may run low, causing you to choose valuable alone time over invitations to spend time with friends. Honor your needs rather than forcing yourself to go out when you'd rather lounge at home. As winter draws near and you begin to wind down, recharge in solitude, and explore your beliefs, you will discover hidden aspects of yourself. Prioritize rest and meditation."

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising:
"An uncertain start to the month will leave you feeling conflicted over the next step in your career. Give things time, Aquarius, instead of moving on to the next project when you feel uncomfortable or frustrated by your lack of progress. Sometimes, it takes a moment of uncertainty to realize what you don’t want and to hone in on what you do. Reconsider your 5-year plan and the dreams you are manifesting. Afterward, you can fill in the gaps and begin building the life you’ve envisioned."

Pisces & Pisces Rising:
"Your growing confidence and maturity are attracting attention. Keep proving to yourself how capable you are and what you can achieve when you put yourself forward for opportunities. You will be restless for answers under the full moon in Gemini on Nov. 27. Sometimes, feelings are contradictory, closure is unsatisfying, and conversations leave you with more confusion than clarity. Accept matters for what they are instead of questioning the truth that’s right in front of you."


To learn more, check out Lettman's astrological breakdown for November here!

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