Happy New Year everyone! You made it through one hell of a year. Though the hardships of 2020 will unfortunately carry into this new year, I'm optimistic about what lies ahead. Last year was one of immense pain and struggle, but also of education and growth, and we saw a mobilization of people from all generations using their voice to stand up for issues of social justice.

As you begin the new year, you should do so with a sense of optimism because Jupiter is in Aquarius for the first time in twelve years! According to cafeastrology.com, this is a great time to look inward and make steps toward becoming the best version of yourself. Pay close attention to your needs and desires and be open to new possibilities resulting from your newfound self-confidence.

Jupiter being in Aquarius is incredibly timely after the year we've all had. According to tarot.com, Jupiter's transit through Aquarius cultivates a time of growth, open-mindedness, and desire to build within communities. Take this time to connect to people and contribute to finding solutions to the issues our communities are facing. Tap into the optimism and progressive-thinking that is characteristic of an Aquarius, and use that to fuel the growth of yourself and those around you. 

In this new year, let's all be kinder to ourselves and others. Though it may seem hard at times, try to maintain a sense of optimism as it will allow you to push forward through dark times. I wish you all nothing but growth and prosperity in this new year! Stay safe out there.

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