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During a time when we can't be sure of much, we can be sure that Halloween will look a lot different this year. Maybe you've created a contactless candy chute, or decided to forgo handing out candy at all. Maybe you're struggling to come up with ways to entertain disappointed kids who would rather be out knocking on doors and collecting treats. Or maybe your usual Halloween party plans have been cancelled. 

Here at Lovestitch we're all brainstorming ways to safely approach Halloween depending on our circumstances. The one common theme across everyone we spoke to? They refuse to give up their costumes! We interviewed some Lovestitch team members to find out how they're spending Halloween and what they're wearing. 

Maria, with 3 kids all under the age of 10, shares her strategy:

"It's not totally clear what the rules are, so we've decided not to risk it and forgo trick-or-treating altogether. I want to do something special for my kids, so my husband and I have a night of activities planned for them: Hiding candy in the yard for them to find, carving pumpkins, all the fun activities we can pack into a night. This year we're dressing up in a western theme (my son is obsessed with cowboys). Thankfully Lovestitch carries a bunch of really cute plaid shirts that I can buy for my costume and then integrate into my regular wardrobe."

Puppy Love Plaid Shirt

Giddyup Washed Plaid Shirt

Loved Up Plaid Shirt


Karina is a Halloween enthusiast. She shares:

"I LOVE Halloween. It's my favorite time of year. Me and my roommates usually throw a big Halloween party, but considering Covid, we've obviously cancelled it this year. So we're throwing a mini party with just myself and my roommates. We're dressing up in a disco theme and there are a ton of super cute styles at Lovestitch that we can choose from."

Cosmic Rays Metallic Maxi Dress

Life Of The Party One Shoulder Mini Dress

Toast Of The Town Metallic Mini Dress


Elisabeth, who would usually be handing out candy from her home, shares her take:

"My boyfriend and I love to hand out candy to all the kids in our neighborhood. We always dress up, usually in a couple's costume. We're setting up a table outside our home with pre-packed candy rather than handing it out from our front door. But that doesn't mean we're not dressing up! This year we're going as Stevie Knicks and Lindsey Buckingham. So obviously I'm going to need a fringed kimono, and Lovestitch just happens to make the best kimonos ever."

Mallory Velvet Burnout Fringe Kimono

Leila Kimono

Itzel Floral Fringe Kimono


However you're celebrating, we wish you a spectacularly spooky Halloween!

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