Dogs are Medicine

Dogs are Medicine

My dogs are my absolute best friends. They're always happy to see me when I walk in the door, even if I was just there a minute before. They exude unconditional love, patience and warmth. 

I can not imagine a world without pets. I need them just as much as they need me. When I don't feel well emotionally, they're laying their head in my lap, making me feel loved. When I don't feel well physically, they're curled up beside me like a heated blanket that makes my pain dissipate. There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing my dogs running down a dirt road or a hiking trail with their tails wagging and their ears flapping. 

If you have never known the love of a dog, you're missing out. Go to your local shelter and see how many beautiful dogs are desperate to bust out and have a comfortable home of their own. Their needs are simple, they just want love, food and comfortable place to rest and sleep.

There is no doubt that some dogs require a bit more patience or work than others. If you want a companion and don't have time to work with a puppy, get an older dog. Older dogs are amazing, calm companions. I have one rescue pup who has had two leg surgeries, chewed through three dog beds and two down comforters. Would I trade her for anything? Absolutely not. She is my rock, my ride or die and I love her with all of my heart. 




June 05, 2019 by Maeve Montgomery

A Tribute to Mothers

Our mothers give us the most precious gift there is, life. For some, that is the only gift, and for some it is the first of many. Many women can give life, but it takes a special woman to try to be the best mother she can.  


My mother is the most beautiful person I know. She is incredibly giving, kind and optimistic about life. She has always been my biggest fan, my unwavering support and a light source of unconditional love. As I grew older, I realized that not everyone had the same, wonderful mother that I have. I also realized that motherhood is not as easy as my mother makes it seem. Knowing this, I have deep gratitude for my mother, for everything she always did for my brothers and I that went mostly unnoticed in our earlier years. I always tell my mom how much I love and appreciate her every chance I get, I want her to really know how grateful I am for her smiling face, never-ending back rubs and always positive attitude.

From what I understand, motherhood is challenging, often overwhelming and requires sacrifice and plenty of patience. For me, having children has always correlated with the end of my life as I know it. Which, to be fair, it absolutely will be. It will change my body, change my priorities, change my daily routine and change so much more. As I contemplate having children of my own, I often find myself asking other women their thoughts on motherhood. Usually, people I ask say things like, “You’ll never be ‘ready’, just do it!” or “Just have one” but the most honest answer I received was from a 57 year old mother of five.  She said, “Having kids is the worst idea, but it is also the absolute best idea.” Hearing that, really put motherhood into perspective for me. Of course it’s going to be hard! But it is also one of the most amazing, rewarding experiences that a woman can have. Is motherhood for everyone? Absolutely not. Every woman has a choice and should trust that whichever life path she chooses is the right path for her.


What are your thoughts on motherhood? Comment below!

May 10, 2019 by Maeve Montgomery
Spring State of Mind

Spring State of Mind

With Daylight Savings comes the very beginning of Spring! There are few things as refreshing as a good ol' Spring Cleaning! Spring is a time of renewal, and whether you're freshening up your home or cleaning out your closet, this is a perfect opportunity to start fresh. Here are some of our favorite serene activities that bring inner peace and cleansing of the mind, body and soul. 

1. Spend Time Outside

Head to your local park or hiking trail and bring a notebook. Walk around, find your ideal spot and take a seat. Soak in your surroundings and close your eyes; take in the beauty, the sounds and the way it makes you feel. Either sit and meditate for a while or write down your thoughts, a poem or draw a picture. 

2. Go on a Road Trip

Pick a destination, get in your car and go! Okay, okay we know it's not always that easy but for this one you truly need to keep it simple, the whole point is to release stress not add more right?! So grab your necessities, your favorite snacks, and of course, bring along some of your favorite tunes. Exploring a new place can be a great way to release stress, gather inspiration, and clear your head. 

3. Write a Song

Alright, we know this one sounds silly but you don't have to be a song writer to do this. So often, we have found ourselves walking down a quiet street, creating a song in our heads from our thoughts, and there it remains! There is something therapeutic about singing away your troubles with no one else around to hear and just as cathartic to write these songs down. At the end of this you'll probably laugh at yourself but trust us, you'll feel good. 

Whether you try one of our methods or find one of your own, let's make this spring season about us! We love you! 🧡




Love. It is a simple, succinct four letter word yet ubiquitous in our world. To us, Valentine's day is a chance to show your love. Our days can get long and busy and we often forget to take a moment to be really grateful for those we care so deeply for.  So this upcoming February 14th, spend your day or evening with a lover, a family member, a close friend or your beloved pet. The best ways to show your love are often straight from the heart. A beautiful hand written card or a small sentimental gift can go a long way in showing someone how much you love and appreciate them. You can use Valentine's Day as an excuse to take your lover on a date like it’s your first time, indulge in an expensive, delicious dinner or go for a long romantic hike in the mountains and finish it off with a picnic! No matter what plans may come to mind, remember to express your love on this day and everyday. Love is sacred and it is a gift, treat it as such.

                   Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone at Lovestitch ♥️




February 02, 2018 by Morgan Chacon

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is a time to show some love and gratitude for the special people in your life! Whether it be showing some love for yourself, love for your best friend, a family member or a lover, February 14th is quickly approaching! We are here to help you find that perfect little something for your loved one! We truly believe the best gifts come straight from the heart like a thoughtful card or a customized poem and they're also the most cost effective! But we totally get it if that's not quite your style, don't sweat it! We've put together the ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide that will work for any budget. 

6. Shop rose quartz crystal (crystal of love)
January 19, 2018 by Morgan Chacon

5 Tips to be Creative Everyday

It's a new season and with new seasons come changes. The weather is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter and you may be feeling the itch to make some changes yourself. A fresh start! We want to challenge you to do something each day that makes you happy, brings you joy or makes you feel really good about yourself! This could be anything for you but we want to focus on art. Everyone has an artist that lives inside of them, it's just a question of whether or not this innate ability has been cultivated and nurtured. The world is your canvas! Your potential is limitless! Surround yourself with places, people and animals that inspire you. Challenge yourself to try new things and always create. Below I've listed 5 tips to help inspire your inner artist on the daily:

1. Be an artist in the kitchen and whip up a fantastic meal.
2. Write a poem from your stream of consciousness, and who cares if it makes sense?!
3. Go for a nature walk and snap some photos.
4. Throw on the boldest items in your closet that make you feel amazing (you don't even have to leave your house)!  
5. Sing a song (loudly) and break out your wildest dance moves.

Creativity is the expression of the soul - so dig deep, find your inspiration, and let your mind wander outside the box. 



September 26, 2017 by Morgan Chacon

New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep in 2016

New Year’s resolutions are always easier said than done. You might confidently toast on New Year’s Eve with the goal of changing your diet, redoing your entire wardrobe, or saving up to buy that car you’ve always wanted. However, when mid-January rolls around, you COULD find yourself unable to keep up with your goals. This year, instead of going big or going home, we suggest picking a few small New Year’s resolutions and sticking with them until next December. Need some suggestions? We got you covered.

Read a Good Book
It’s so easy to crawl into bed at night and pull out your smartphone, getting lost down the Facebook rabbit hole – one minute, you’re scrolling down your newsfeed, and the next thing you know you’re stalking your ex’s page from 2008. Instead, pick up a book! There’s nothing like getting lost inside a character’s head or learning something new, and getting off Facebook or Instagram for a few hours is refreshing. Try Paula Hawkin’s Girl on a Train for a chilling mystery, Chimamanda Adiche’s Americanah for romance, or Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? for a good laugh.

Mix it up in the kitchen
Don’t fall into boring, routine eating habits this year – mix it up! Cooking is a great way to relieve stress, and can save you money and calories compared to those heavy restaurant servings. Love French toast? Try this healthier version with pecans and bananas. Not really into cooking? There are plenty of easy recipes – like slow cooker meals – that don’t take much time or energy. Start saving recipes you enjoy and swapping ideas with friends to make 2016 the best year for your taste buds yet.

Floss Every Day
How many times have you gone to the dentist, and sheepishly answered, “No” to the inevitable question of whether or not you’ve been flossing? Probably more than once. Change your habit this year! It’s an easy routine to get into, and will make you feel better about yourself. Chances are a healthy habit of flossing will motivate you to keep up with other healthy habits in your daily routine, like washing your face or removing your eye makeup at night. One small step for dental hygiene, one large step for an overall healthy lifestyle!

Travel Somewhere New
Get out of your comfort zone this year! Rather than going to your routine spots, try exploring somewhere new. It doesn’t have to be an expensive trip to Europe or the Bahamas. Maybe you’ve never seen Mount Rushmore or been to the top of the Space Needle –even a weekend trip an hour or two away from your home can be eye-opening. Traveling can be one of the best experiences, so grab your family, friends and camera and see something new!

Dance in the Rain
This last is a bit cheesy, we know. But this one can be taken literally or metaphorically. Literally – yes – go dance in the rain! Splash in puddles! Don’t worry about getting your shoes muddy. It’s also a metaphor to do something a little crazy this year. Take a trip by yourself. Go bungee jumping. Take a cooking class. Get a nicer camera to capture special moments. Do something, anything, to take a step out of your comfort zone! Don’t let work, school, or other obligations get in the way of having fun and making 2016 memorable.

Good luck, and have a happy new year!

December 29, 2015 by elisabeth ducharme

Lovestitch in India: Finding the Spice of Life.

Lovestitch, a women’s clothing brand, is the destination for bohemian and feminine fashion featuring the latest trends and vintage inspired collections for women who live free through fashion, art, music, and travel. Today, we're taking you with us on our journey to India!

The Bohemian Lives Within All Of Us

Bohemian Woman 

When we hear the word bohemian we can come up with so many different ideas of what that means.  Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, with few permanent ties, involving musical, artistic, or literary pursuits, and  because they can have an extremely wide range of different tastes in music, fashion, art, literature etc. they are usually very creative people. Above all bohemians are optimists. 

The term Bohemianism emerged in France in the early nineteenth century when artists and creators began to concentrate in the lower-rent neighborhoods, then slowly the term became part of our everyday use. In modern usage, the term "Bohemian" is still applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic, lives. The "Bloomsbury Group", in England,  which formed around the Stephen sisters, Vanessa Bell and Virginia Woolf in the early 20th century, are among the best-known examples. Looking back on the fashion style of "boho chic" in the early years of the 21st century, the hope of looking, nomadic, free spirited and non 'bourgeois", was the goal of the bohemian, which brings us to today's world of expression through fashion by wearing gypsy and vintage inspired clothing.

Personally, I think no other style makes you think of being free spirited,inspirational, dreamy, and whimsical than the bohemian. With free-flowing dresses, billowy tops, and cozy sweaters abundant in our collection it is so easy to capture the essence of the bohemian within. 

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