Photo by Ingo Doerrie on Unsplash


With Daylight Savings comes the very beginning of Spring! There are few things as refreshing as a good ol' Spring Cleaning! Spring is a time of renewal, and whether you're freshening up your home or cleaning out your closet, this is a perfect opportunity to start fresh. Here are some of our favorite serene activities that bring inner peace and cleansing of the mind, body and soul. 


1. Spend Time Outside

Head to your local park or hiking trail and bring a notebook. Walk around, find your ideal spot and take a seat. Soak in your surroundings and close your eyes; take in the beauty, the sounds and the way it makes you feel. Either sit and meditate for a while or write down your thoughts, a poem or draw a picture. 


2. Go on a Road Trip

Pick a destination, get in your car and go! Okay, okay we know it's not always that easy but for this one you truly need to keep it simple, the whole point is to release stress not add more right?! So grab your necessities, your favorite snacks, and of course, bring along some of your favorite tunes. Exploring a new place can be a great way to release stress, gather inspiration, and clear your head. 


3. Write a Song

Alright, we know this one sounds silly but you don't have to be a song writer to do this. So often, we have found ourselves walking down a quiet street, creating a song in our heads from our thoughts, and there it remains! There is something therapeutic about singing away your troubles with no one else around to hear and just as cathartic to write these songs down. At the end of this you'll probably laugh at yourself but trust us, you'll feel good. 

Whether you try one of our methods or find one of your own, let's make this spring season about us! We love you! 🧡