"What is going on in the stars lately?" is a question I've been hearing more and more these days. Glitchy apps, traffic jams, and miscommunications point to the current mercury retrograde, which lasts until February 3rd. A Venus retrograde in the sign of Capricorn may have you looking more closely at your finances and relationships, or your relationship to your finances. But there's something else happening that could explain your current frame of mind. 

On Monday January 17th we experienced the first full moon of 2022 in the sign of Cancer. Full moons, as opposed with new moons, represent endings. It is a time to reflect on what is serving us and what we can potentially let go of.  Cancer is a deeply emotional sign that is all about home, nurturing, and security. Because it rules the sign of Cancer, the moon feels especially at home here. 

This full moon may have us contemplating our relationships, our environment, and our overall needs. We might feel more emotional than usual. As astrologer Angeli Luz puts it, "cancer energy dwells in the past. they’re always thinking about the past, what went wrong, their ex lovers and ex friends, their old home they miss, their childhood, how they grew up, their family. don’t let the nostalgia get to you, allow yourself to take some time for yourself and release what you need to." 

How this full moon will impact you will depend on both your sun and rising sign. To find your rising sign you'll need to know your exact time of birth. You can pull up your entire birth chart for free on a site like Astrolabe. According to Well+Good, below is what you may experience during this full moon:

Aries & Aries Rising:

"Your focus shifts to internal matters as the full moon in Cancer lights up your fourth house of home and family. There is a tug of war between your public and private lives, as you may have a massive project going on at work or be up for a promotion, all while juggling some serious family matters. Power struggles within family dynamics or at the office may appear and are not to be ignored. Calling out toxic behavior and patterns will bring you peace and relief."

Summary: Find balance at home and within. Use your voice. 

Taurus & Taurus Rising:

"It’s time to address the way you speak to yourself, Taurus. Words carry weight and a shift is required when it comes to your mental processing. What self-destructive things do you repeat to yourself in your head? Reconsidering how you think and speak to yourself will deliver breakthroughs. Your third house of communication and learning is highlighted under this full moon in Cancer, so re-learning to be gentle with yourself can lead to productive and healthier thought patterns."

Summary: You can be your harshest critic. Go easy on yourself. 

Gemini & Gemini Rising:

"Financial matters rear their head under this lunation, with missed bills or payments potentially causing issues. Spending time with your budget and sorting through any financial matters or tax issues is a wonderful use of the cosmic energy. If you can, make a big payment on any debts and readjust your relationship with money. Adopting an abundance practice will be powerful at this time."

Summary: Focus on your finances. 

Cancer & Cancer Rising:

"Relationships of all sorts are in the spotlight, including the one with yourself—so if you've been putting yourself last, it's time to stop. Who deserves your time and energy? Are your relationships balanced, or are there unhealthy power dynamics at play? Confronting imbalance and toxic patterns within your closest ties will pave the way for a sustainable future."

Summary: You're the main character, Cancer. Celebrate and be kind to yourself!

Leo & Leo Rising:

"Slowing down is your homework, Leo. This full moon activates your 12th house of rest, closure, and endings. Engaging in practices like meditation and journaling are wonderful ways to process some of the seeds your subconscious may unearth during this time. This full moon asks you to release self-defeating behaviors and negative thinking patterns. How have you been your own worst enemy? And how can you ensure that those patterns are left behind in the dust? It’s time to rest and release."

Summary: Get comfortable with your emotions and find moments to rest. 

Virgo & Virgo Rising:

"You may have a big social event or gathering coming up that’s been weighing heavily with pressure on your heart. Unresolved issues with friends or even your children can reach an apex. Consider how you can recalibrate and call in more balance. The foundations of your friendships will be tested and only the most genuine will be left standing. This may also trigger thoughts about your dreams and wishes for the future. Work through any fears and develop a plan of action that will lead you to your goals."

Summary: Let go of what, and whom, is not serving you.  

Libra & Libra Rising:

"It may feel as if your reputation is in question. As a natural charmer, this tension is more than unwanted, but necessary to realign. You may find yourself re-evaluating the image of yourself that you portray to others. Are you acting and seeking others’ approval or are you acting in accordance of the highest version of yourself? Tensions between your public and private life mount. Sorting through family issues will help you cultivate a more solid foundation to address questions about your legacy and how you want to be remembered."

Summary: Focus on your dreams and career goals. 

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising:

"This full moon wants you to redefine your mental landscape as it activates your ninth house of higher learning, spirituality, and expansion. What thought patterns, opinions, or perspectives have you been holding onto too tightly? This full moon in Cancer reminds you that putting yourself in others’ shoes always brings insight. Taking the time to learn and absorb information will lead to mental breakthroughs. Traveling both mentally and, if possible, physically through meditation will also stir up epiphany moments."

Summary: Dig deep into your innermost thoughts and feelings, and honor what you find there.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising:

"Deep-seated trauma may rise to the surface. We all have something we’ve been avoiding and, now, your eighth house of psyche, trauma, shared resources, taxes, death and more is activated. This is a complicated part of the chart that can speak to loss–emotional or physical. Perhaps you are dealing with an inheritance, the loss of a loved one, or trying to navigate merging resources with a partner. Confronting past pain and issues with therapy or some type of mental-health practice will bring you the relief you’ve been waiting for."

Summary: Give yourself space to feel your feelings, and give yourself permission to get uncomfortable with them.  

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising:

"All relationships are about give and take. This full moon highlights your seventh house of committed partnerships, which can speak to romantic partners, friendships, or relationships with family that can feel all-consuming. Are you addicted for the right reasons? Where have unhealthy power dynamics become the new norm? This lunation reminds you of your power and worth. You are deserving of having your needs met and re-establishing a healthy balance within your closest partnerships."

Summary: Find balance within your relationships and identify your needs. 

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising:

"Speeding through life has its consequences, and your work-life balance is up for review. What daily habits have you been afraid to change? Now is a potent and powerful time to kick a bad habit. It won't be easy, but the reward is just around the corner, should you decide to put in some legwork.

Readjusting your daily routine will bring you a deeper sense of fulfillment. Instead of starting your day by scrolling on social media and comparing your life to others, embrace a healthier lifestyle and watch the magic unfold before your eyes."

Summary: It's ok to shed the things that you've outgrown. 

Pisces & Pisces Rising:

"Spend time reigniting your childlike joy and wonder. This full moon in Cancer activates your fifth house of creativity, hobbies, play, fertility, sex and romance. A romantic situation may reach a climax, marking the opportunity to either make things official or move on.

You may also find yourself nearing the end of a project that involves your creative pursuits or interests. Investing in activities that light up your inner child will bring you back into alignment at this time. If you have children or are hoping to in the near future, this lunation also delivers a fertile energy, as well."

Summary: This is a time to create without boundaries.