Welcome to August! Below are some important astrological dates to circle in your calendar this month: 
Tuesday, August 1st: Full Moon in Aquarius
Wednesday, August 16th: New Moon in Leo
Wednesday, August 23rd: Virgo season begins
Wednesday, August 23rd: Mercury retrograde begins
Wednesday, August 30th: Full Moon in Pisces
Here is your astrological forecast for August, according to Alexandria Lettman at Bustle.com:


Aries & Aries Rising:
"You’re moving closer to completing a project and turning your manifestations into reality. However, you mustn’t give up or be hard on yourself when you make mistakes or face unpredictable setbacks. You’re closer than you think, Aries, and are a far better problem solver than you give yourself credit. Inspiration on how to achieve your dreams will find you when you least expect it. Keep an open mind this August, trust your instincts, and stay true to who you are."


Taurus & Taurus Rising:
"Ambitious August is here to steer you toward new career heights, Taurus. Take things to the next level by refining and improving your latest projects, and you’ll blow your boss away with your work ethic and attention to detail.

Don’t be surprised if your dating life stalls during Mercury retrograde. It’s not the end of the world if a plan falls through at the last minute or if you don’t feel as connected to someone as you used to. Don’t rush to conclusions." 


Gemini & Gemini Rising:
"August brings a flash of new insight for you, Gemini. Sudden breakthroughs will inspire a deeper understanding of your beliefs and motivate you to use your newfound knowledge to see old problems with a fresh perspective. The end of a period of travel or study will empower you to share your findings with others. Speak up with confidence, but don’t forget that you don’t have all the answers. You don’t need to prove yourself by being an endless source of facts and information."


Cancer & Cancer Rising:
"The beginning of August offers moments of clarity to help you process your unresolved thoughts and feelings, Cancer. Tune into your intuition, and you’ll find it easier to see a way forward. If you have contractual agreements, financial matters, or private conversations and meetings to deal with, handle these responsibilities before Mercury’s dizzying retrograde begins on Aug. 23. After this turning point, you may struggle to meet deadlines and overlook important details that are right in front of you."


Leo & Leo Rising:
"A new journey of self-exploration begins this month for you, Leo. However, you may endure moments of instability in your routines as you re-explore what matters to you and how you can best allocate your time, energy, and resources. Bring your awareness to the factors triggering your nerves and anxiety and you’ll cultivate a stronger understanding of your emotional well-being. The month ends on a healing note as the full moon in Pisces inspires you to transmute your troubles into wisdom."


Virgo & Virgo Rising:
"Get your priorities in order this month, Virgo, and take advantage of the boost in your brain power. This time is best spent refining your routine and catching up on your work projects. You’ll be the shining star of the season when the sun moves into your zodiac sign on Aug. 23. However, the hazy glare of Mercury retrograde will stir up confusion around what you’re currently working toward. Focus on meeting your primary needs instead of taking on too many responsibilities." 


Libra & Libra Rising:
"The time has come to release a creative project that you’ve been working on. Don’t let your nerves get the better of you, Libra. Share your creations with the world and pour your energy into chasing your dreams. Opportunities to resolve an underlying problem that has tested your love life will cause you to feel relieved, lighter, and happier. Handle all matters with maturity and don’t let your worries over the past overshadow opportunities to effect change in the present."


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising:
"Give more attention to the people and experiences that offer you a sense of peace this month, Scorpio. You’ll have a better chance of smoothing over rifts with your family members or roommates when you focus on finding solutions rather than proving a point. With your mind clear from the matters that were causing you stress, you’ll be able to prioritize your career manifestations. Say yes to work opportunities that spark your passion or social gatherings that will boost your excitement."


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising:
"Rediscovering your passions and purpose will awaken the spirit of your inner child, Sagittarius. Follow wherever your heart takes you without fear or regret, whether that’s on an overseas journey to an exotic destination or a quest for knowledge. During your mental expansion, you may notice yourself becoming more distracted from the present moment, leading to challenges in your social life. Don’t panic — small mistakes and oversights won’t cause irreparable damage to your reputation."


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising:
"When the Aquarius full moon shines down on your financial life, you’ll find it easier to overcome struggles to take care of yourself and challenges to maintain a consistent work routine. You’re getting your groove back, Capricorn, and soon, you’ll be taking strides to get ahead and build a materially abundant future for yourself. As your confidence grows, avoid bragging prematurely about what you’re working toward and which opportunities have come your way — some moves are better made in silence."


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising:
"A boost of clarity around your emotional needs and what you want for yourself will steer you in a new life direction this month, Aquarius. Keep putting yourself first, but remember that your interests and desires aren’t the only ones that matter — especially when dealing with circumstances that involve your significant other. As your love life takes center stage, you may feel ready to take things to the next level of seriousness. Open up about your changing needs without being pushy and self-focused."


Pisces & Pisces Rising:
"Make time for quiet reflections and meditation this August, Pisces. You’ll cultivate more self-trust when you deepen your connection to yourself by trusting your instincts and doing exactly what you say you’re going to do. Once practical and hardworking Virgo season begins, be warned that trying to control the uncontrollable in your love life will cause you to worry excessively. Avoid blowing misunderstandings out of proportion by hyper-fixating on them and rushing to fix things instead of allowing your significant other space."


To learn more, check out Lettman's astrological breakdown for August here!

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