The Art of Simplicity

We live in an age of incessant distractions, intricacies, and visual-information overload. We're constantly inundated with flashy advertisements and artificially enhanced colors in photography, imagery, makeup, and especially in our everyday fashion choices.

I enjoy a bright, brave color-show as much as anyone does. Complicated entwinements of colors and textures are undeniably exciting, energizing, even inspiring! But now that this over-stimulation is the new norm, there is something to be said for the lack of complication. The simple. The natural. The functional!

There is something to be said about giving our eyes and our visual cortex a breather. 

It’s this lesson in simplicity that gave our Lovestitch Designers inspiration for many of our most coveted items. We wanted to give every woman who wants it, an opportunity to relax in comfort and classicality. Because in a world where colors and complexity are abundant, sometimes it’s simplicity that really catches your eye.

Here are just a few examples of Lovestitch's depiction of The Art of Simplicity...





















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