Seventies fashion is back!  This seventies time warp is returning with a vengeance bringing on crochet, the flares, the fringing and platforms. Don't be shy, this Spring/Summer 2015 will be all about  flouncing around in dreamy retro fashion reminiscent of  '70's festival fashion, with billowing boho dresses, flared sleeves and nature prints spring 2015 is full of throwback 70s fashion making this season fun and fancy free. The beauty is, that it is easy to make it your own because all the elements are very interchangeable and free flowing allowing for room for all kinds of expression.  So go ahead, nurture your inner boho child and mix some prints, layer a crochet over your favorite maxi dress and put on your broken in boot-leg denim with a fringed cardigan. Keep that Spring & Summer festival in mind and start cultivating all that comes with it into your wardrobe.

This season is bound to bring out the best in everyone's style because the rules are very fluid and they transcend above fashion and become more focused on how a woman feels about her own curves. Embracing that free spirit brings out all the beautiful natural feminine qualities every woman has.  To deny your inner goddess would be a tragedy. These moments are few and far between in the high fashion world, I hope you go for it and go all out! 




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