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You may have heard about “Buy Now, Pay Later”, a new form of payment that many retailers have started to use. Here at Lovestitch we offer Klarna, a payment plan that charges zero percent interest on your purchase and spreads the cost over a few installments. So, what’s the deal with Klarna, and how does it work?

First, who uses Klarna? Turns out, a wide range of people. Perhaps you don’t have a credit card or you want to avoid credit card debt. Maybe you want to budget your purchases and spread your payments across several weeks rather than pay for it all up front. For whatever your reason, Klarna can help.

How do you make a purchase with Klarna? Once you reach checkout, Klarna will pop up as a payment method.

Select it as your payment method, and you will see how your payments will be spread out across the next 6 weeks:

Place your order, and a pop up will appear prompting you to enter a verification code. Once you enter your details, including your card information, all you have to do is confirm your purchase. 

And voila! It really is as easy as that. You’re first payment is collected as soon as your item ships, and your card will automatically get charged every two weeks with no additional interest, until the remaining balance is paid. 

Happy shopping!


Is Klarna available for Canadian shoppers? I don’t see it as an option on my check-out, but I’d love to use the option

S September 03, 2021

I love your brand! I found a top in a local boutique and wanted to find more like it so I found your site…. I also love that you have this “klarna” option so I can enjoy more of your styles without busting my budget, especially in this current time! Feeling good about what I put on helps my outlook, no matter what I may be facing with my day! Thanks! :)

Kimberly H December 30, 2020

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