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If you were to take a stroll through our Lovestitch headquarters you would notice the same product sitting on every woman's desk: The Devine Body Oil by SKNMUSE. And here's why: This luxurious body oil quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving behind a soft, supple texture and instant glow. It's been a gamechanger for our skin. 

Sknmuse Devine Body Oil

Image via Sknmuse


We first came to know SKNMUSE when we started carrying their products in our retail store. We were immediately struck by the quality of their ingredients and the effectiveness of their products, all while at a competitive price point. And our feelings were confirmed when we took a bottle of the Devine Body Oil to a photoshoot, and even the model fell in love with it!

Ingredients like Egyptian honey, Rosehip & Moroccan oils, and Vitamin E nourish the skin and even skin tone, leaving behind a light-catching glow. The Egyptian honey adds a soft and powdery scent. And don't get us started on the shelf appeal; you'll want to store the opulent glass bottle front and center on your bathroom shelf or bedside table. 

Image via Sknmuse


Try it on your collarbone to add dewy dimension, or apply it to your legs in the Summer. The Devine Body Oil is a deluxe addition to your self care routine. 

Shop this luxurious oil here before it sells out!

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