With the change of seasons and the end of strict restrictions, the social scene is heating up whether you are ready or not. Rooftops, poolside, and patios are opening and it’s time to step out into a new social landscape with your best outfit forward. We are most excited to get back to our standing brunch appointment and sacred beach days. After a year or so of sweats, we truly cannot be bothered to put on pants. However, trying to decide what to wear outside can be just as easy as throwing on your favorite hoodie. That’s exactly where the iconic summer dress comes in. How long has it been since your legs have seen the light of day? It’s time to let them free! 

There’s nothing better than the feeling of salty beach wind hitting your sun-kissed skin and the sand under your feet. Our Blue Bohemian Print Beach Caftan is the perfect beach day essential. Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s also so practical. It’s the perfect cover-up to go from beach to patio restaurant without a second thought. We’re loving the effortless flowy silhouette. Additionally, the inspired V-neck gives you the freedom to add a dainty piece of jewelry or add some drama with a bigger statement piece for an evening look. Don’t forget the ¾ length sleeves, giving you all the room for a stack of bangles to set off the look. The beauty of the Caftan is its versatility and relaxed vibe it brings to every occasion under the sun. 

Not trying to be too basic at brunch with the girls? Easy - Throw on a cute dress.

Don’t be shy when it comes to prints this summer, we want you to STEP out. Now is the best time to explore the fun in fashion, and try something new! If you’re not too sure about colors - Having a print dress with neutral tones might be more your vibe. Our Kalia Print Wrap Dress is a must-have. It’s made with a breathable silk fabric which is just the right thing to cool you off after you start feeling those bottomless mimosas. 

Missing the comfort of your house shoes? After brunch with the girls, you can take off your heels, and throw on your favorite pair of sandals. 

Feeling a bit anxious about socializing again? We get it - we’ve been binging Netflix and venting to our pets too. A change of wardrobe can be just what you need to get your mind together. Sometimes putting on something that makes you look great can also make you feel great. We don’t know the science behind it, but something about a dress can make you feel 100x hotter. (Might’ve been one of Einstein's theories) 

Keep in mind everyone is in the same boat and this is the summer you’ve been talking about for pretty much a whole year. Make the most of the time you have with friends, family, and loved ones. They missed you just as much as you missed them. Everyone is just excited to be out and about, feeling normal again and grateful to enjoy the beautiful days ahead.

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