Tyrie Rudolph and her daughter - From Wilhelmina Models, Los Angeles

You may recognize this lovely face from our websiteTyrie Rudolph was such a blast to have on set, that we simply could not get enough! So this week, we caught up with the mom and rising model and asked some questions to get to know a little more about her life. 

Lovestitch: Where did you grow up? What’s a fond memory from your childhood?

Tyrie: I grew up in Indianapolis, IN. My favorite child memory was when my parents took my sisters and I to Six Flags every summer. I was always the smallest and my dad would put me on his shoulders so I never had to walk.

Lovestitch: We know even models have to have some down time! What’s one of your favorite ways to spend your free time?  

Tyrie: I love to take spontaneous trips to Disneyland with my daughter. It’s literally the best place on earth.

Lovestitch: There is no one real way to prepare yourself for parenthood – what is one thing in particular that has surprised you about being a mom?

Tyrie: The most surprising thing about motherhood is realizing how much you do not know about life. My six year old has a lot of questions. She loves Sam Smith (weird I know), but she asked me about broken promises and latching on to someone... Try explaining that to a six year old.

Lovestitch: If you could go back and give one piece of advice to your 10 year old self, what would it be?

Tyrie: I would tell myself to never, ever, ever put a cap on your dreams! If someone told me I'd have the life I have now back when I was a 20 year old pregnant college dropout... I'd think that person was crazy. There is no ceiling in success!

Lovestitch: What’s your favorite Lovestitch piece and how do you style it?

Tyrie: My favorite piece is the Lennox Sweater Coat. It’s my all-time favorite! I know its cliché but I literally wear it with everything! Every time I wear it, I get the "where is that from?" question. I’ve even had a few people ask to try it on.  

From trips to Disneyland with her daughter to showcasing fashion's newest trends, Tyrie clearly rocks at life. The more we learn about this model and mom, the more we're becoming her biggest fan. Can we be best friends now, Tyrie?

Tyrie in Black Lennox  Tyrie in Blue Lennox

Tyrie rocking her favorite Lennox Sweater Coat during our Fall Collection shoot. Shown here in Black, Heather Coal, and Denim

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