Some women live, sleep and BREATHE fashion. You know the ones that're always on trend and fully accessorized with the cutest little touches that the rest of us could only dream of adding to our wardrobe? All we have to say is, "GET IT GURL!".

There is also a group of women out there who truly want to be fashionable but they don't always have the time, the passion, or the fashion sense to put an outfit together without looking like Raggedy Anne...(that's me). 

I try to look like this:

Lovestitch affordable faux fur jacket

And end up looking like this: (adorable, but not exactly what I was going for)

Raggedy Ann Wig Yarn Hat Available in all sizes image 0


If you're like me and you understand the struggle, I'm happy to tell you that there is hope for us yet! 

Lovestitch makes my life exponentially easier by creating collections that are so easy to shop and so easy to style that even I can look put together and on-trend with no effort at all. 

Without further ado, check out my all time favorite Lovestitch collections for casual, effortless looks that you don't have to think too much about:

1) The Dress Shop: Casual Dresses

It's this magical collection of effortlessly pretty and chic dresses that require literally no effort! Here's a glimpse of what I mean:

Lovestitch Casual Black Dress


2) The Floral Collection

This is where it's at. If you own a pair of pants and 1 set of shoes, you can pull off anything floral that Lovestitch has available. See how simple it can be:

silky black floral blouse


3) The Cool Girl Collection 

It's my go-to Lovestitch collection for just basic, cool outfits for work.
Check this out: Pretty d*** cool!

Lovestitch Cool simple outfits for work


4) The "Not-Too" Basics Collection

Even the most glamorous of us need to get back to the basics here and there, either a cozy lounge set or a basic tank to layer under your favorite cardigan:

Lovestitch basic collection - shop matching jogger sets, sweaters, sweatshirts, basic tank tops and more


I could go on and on about my favorite Lovestitch styles and collections but I think I've given you more than enough to work with! So go, my somewhat-fashionable sisters, and get your shop on >

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