Winter came a bit late to Los Angeles this year and nearing the end of February, we are finally feeling it! While it's not snowing in LA anytime soon, these lower temps are making us reach for our piping hot coffee, thick wool blankets and of course, our warmest, coziest Lovestitch Lennox Sweater Coat.

The Lennox Sweater Coat is MAGICAL! It is big and roomy just as an oversized sweater coat should be. It has deep side pockets, perfect for your keys, your phone and wallet! It has a deep, oversized hood, perfect for shielding your face from high wind gusts and frigid air. Best of all, it comes in plenty of gorgeous colors. 

We take our Lennox Sweater Coat EVERYWHERE! It comes with us on camping trips, on long chilly walks with our dogs and anywhere we need to be outside in cold temps for extended periods of time. We especially LOVE taking it to music festivals! It is our most coveted coat for dancing the night away and staying warm. Our one piece of advice? Keep your Lennox close because we guarantee that one of your friends will want to steal it from you! (It has happened to us!)


Please bring back the Lennox sweater coat!! It is one of my most favorite items when the weather cools off

Sarah October 26, 2020

Does the lovestitch coatigan come in navy?

Cheryl oldale October 01, 2020

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