The maxi dress that's taking Los Angeles by storm: The Mila Maxi Dress! Our super versatile maxi dress can be worn by just about anybody. The flattering, loose fitting maxi dress drapes perfectly over all of the right areas, making this dress L.A.'s go-to dress from fall layering to boho beach dress. The side pockets are the cherry on top! There are SO many reasons why pockets on a dress are becoming an absolute must-have, one of them being; not every woman on earth wants to lug a purse or handbag everywhere she goes! The side pockets on this stunning maxi dress will fit your phone, your keys and your fave lip gloss. What else can you ask for in a maxi dress? 

I guess you can say that we're pretty passionate about our favorite dress! Our customers tend to be obsessed too, we know because it's our L.A.

So, what do you think? If you love the idea of a flattering, versatile bohemian style maxi dress, click here>

If you aren't really into the look, let us know why in the comments below...who knows, maybe we can create something new, just for you!

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Please bring back the The Bliss Mila Maxi Dress in black, navy, salmon color!!! i keep checking but its always sold out

Jennifer August 01, 2019

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