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On Wednesday July 13th at 11:38am PST, we experience the super buck full moon in the sign of Capricorn. Full moons, as opposed with new moons, represent endings. It is a time to reflect on what is serving us and what we can potentially let go of. Capricorn is the last of the earth signs and its planetary ruler is Saturn. Capricorn rules the 10th house of work and public image, and is known as a hard-working, disciplined sign. 

This full moon may illuminate matters relating to your professional life. Maybe you've been burning the candle at both ends, and it's a time to bring balance back into your workflow. Maybe it's less about work and more about how we can establish boundaries within our relationships. With this full moon in Capricorn, we're being called to examine what's been working for us and what we can release.   

How this full moon will impact you will depend on both your sun and rising sign. To find your rising sign you'll need to know your exact time of birth. You can pull up your entire birth chart for free on a site like Astrolabe. According to one of my favorite Astrologers, Chani Nicholas (cannot recommend the Chani app enough!), below is what you may experience during this full moon:

Aries & Aries Rising:

"This Full Moon in Capricorn could bring a professional peak or a threshold in your life direction. Consider the mark you’re leaving: does it have the depth you crave? This Full Moon asks you to unapologetically own your power in your career, vocation, or life direction. Advocate for yourself. Apply for the opportunities that thrill you. Life’s too short not to believe wildly in your own potential."

Taurus & Taurus Rising:

"This Full Moon in Capricorn, your long-term plans are reaching a crescendo. Which goals have you recently reached? How do you feel on the other side of this marathon? Trust that if you feel spent, it’s for good reason. Know that if you’ve stumbled upon a deeper truth, this was what the journey was for. Honor the ways in which you’ve been able to develop an honest relationship with yourself because the answers weren’t obvious, and because you’ve had to forge your own way forward. Knowing thyself is the greatest achievement of all."

Gemini & Gemini Rising:

"Over this Full Moon in Capricorn, a collaboration is culminating. Embrace the joint ventures that unleash new depths of your shared creativity. Turn over every last stone when it comes to outside financial support. As this can be a tender time, surround yourself with the people and activities that offer a soft landing. Pour your heart out to a trusted confidant, coach, or therapist. Your willingness to show up to the complexity of the human experience will open you even more radically to life’s sweetness too."

Cancer & Cancer Rising:

"This Full Moon deepens the bonds in your closest partnerships. Dive into the complexity of intimate exchange. Broach “that” conversation. Own your impact on your nearest and dearest. If a recent encounter has made you pause, use this opportunity to dialogue with your shadow parts. Gravitate toward the people that empower you to claim your every onion layer. They’re for keeps."

Leo & Leo Rising:

"This Full Moon in Capricorn has your work tray overflowing. If you are bringing a great work to its culmination only to feel burnt out, take a breather. Use this time to create systems that will make your work more manageable. Delegate. Divest from the idea that you are supposed to do everything, or worse, save anyone from their own obligations. Beneath the surface of things, questions lurk about the deeper meaning of what it is you’re sweating for. Everything that you pour your heart into shaping leaves an imprint on you. Consider the ways your daily toil can transform into a daily ritual."

Virgo & Virgo Rising:

"The Full Moon in Capricorn marks a peak moment in a creative project, pursuit, or practice. This lunation dislodges all sorts of emotional debris, and through you, so do your creations. Whatever you put out into the world now has a powerful impact — for you and others. If you find that you are struggling with feelings of self-doubt, know that it’s normal to have a contraction after such a profound offering. Be gentle with yourself. Remember to fill your tank if you feel low on reserves." 

Libra & Libra Rising:

"This Full Moon in Capricorn, your yearning for sturdy foundations reaches a crescendo. Embrace the ancestral arts, recipes, and heirlooms that make you feel deeply rooted. There may be some familial shadows, secrets, or taboos that demand your attention. Every chosen family has its hungry ghosts, but you have the choice to decide which ones cross your threshold."

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising:

"This Full Moon in Capricorn brings a peak to your scheduling, emails, and errands. Honor the flux of your day-to-day, but remember to schedule some rest. This Moon is the perfect time to do a thorough audit of your thought patterns and inner scripts. Whatever mind-loops lead to fear or shame — purge them. Clear space for the voice of your inner wise-one instead."

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising:

"This Full Moon in Capricorn brings your material resources to a point of culmination. What power are you tapping into here? What talents are mysteriously revealing themselves now? The more you embrace the gifts that you’ve been given, the more easily they can help you transform your material reality. The more you refuse to play it small, the more impact you can have in your world and through your work. The more you keep digging, the more you realize you have to work with."

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising:

"This Full Moon in Capricorn your personal power is peaking. Cut the ribbon on your passion project. Bring your magnetism to any project, cause, or situation that is important to you. This Full Moon means business and wants you to as well.   Embodying the fullness of your power does require ongoing and arduous work. Good thing that is exactly your wheelhouse. This Moon helps you take stock of the grit this journey requires and the depths of self-care you need now."

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising:

"This Full Moon in Capricorn your need for rest or alone time is reaching a culmination. When was the last time you just did you? This Moon presents an opportunity to fall through the rings of your inner realms. Stock up your bat cave and settle in for a long rest. Allow your emotional dead weight to be recycled in dream-time. Though Capitalism often tells us otherwise, incubation is a crucial part of the work too.

Pisces & Pisces Rising:

"This Full Moon in Capricorn brings a group undertaking to a crescendo (or an emotional release). You may also be craving more depth in your friendships, networks, and community ties. You don’t want fair weather. Move toward the friends and allies that ask the difficult questions. Step into your power when it comes to your responsibility to the collective. Donate time, or another resource, to a cause you care about. If there are shadows to be examined in the group-think, blow that whistle."

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