For those who’re lucky enough to travel over the Holiday season, you know that packing can be the most stressful part of preparing. The day before your flight you start second guessing everything you’ve already packed ever-so-carefully… “What if the weather takes a turn?”, “Are we going anywhere fancy?”, “Did I bring enough sweaters?”, “Did I put that tank top In there?”, “Did I over pack?... or Heaven forbid, “Did I UNDER pack?!”

The next thing you know you’ve got two hours before heading to the airport, your room is scattered with every shoe, coat, sweater, blouse & hair product you own…yet your suitcase is still empty. Ahh yes, Holiday travelling can be stressful…But follow these simple rules and you’ll be traveling in style, stress-free!

1) Create a “Wardrobe Itinerary” List
Your first list is a “Wardrobe Itinerary”! List out every day you’ll be on vacation & the activities planned for each day. Something like this:

Travel Day: (dress comfortable, but remember your travel day outfit is part of your packing process)

  • - Lightweight tank top
  • Comfy Pullover
  • - Skinny jeans
  • - Tall, flat boots
  • - Gold earrings & necklace
  • - Pajamas

    Vacay Day 1: Driving to town to catch up with old friends

      Vacay Day 2: Shopping for dinner, dinner prep, &  game night with family.

      • - Comfy leggings
      • - Basic Tee
      • Hoodie
      • - Converse sneakers
      • - Pajamas

        Vacay Day 3: Day walking through city & Nice dinner

        • - Skinny Jeans
        • Turtleneck Sweater
        • - Trench Coat
        • - Tall, flat boots
        • - Gold earrings & necklace
        • - Pajamas

          …you get the picture!


           2) Make a checklist!

          Go through your wardrobe itinerary & make a checklist. Consolidate items that can be used for multiple days, to avoid the dreaded over-pack!  

          • - Oversized, warm sweater (used on Travel day & Day 1)
          • - Skinny Jeans (used on Travel day, Day 1 & Day 3)
          • - Tall, flat boots (used for Travel Day & Day 1)
          • - Converse Sneakers
          • - Gold earrings & necklace (used for Travel Day, Day 1 & Day 3)
          • - Pajamas (used every day!)
          • - Chunky knit sweater
          • - Lightweight tank top
          • - Comfy leggings
          • - Hooded Cardigan
          • - Basic Tee
          • - Embroidered Blouse
          • - Red mittens

              Pack these items up and check them off your list as you pack so you never second guess whether you have everything you need.

              Although I’m sure you’ve got this part under control, here are some basic essentials to add to your checklist.

              • - Enough underwear/bras
              • - Toiletries (think face wash, shampoos, hair oils, brushes cosmetics & lotions)
              • - Phone chargers
              • - Medications/vitamins
              • - ID/Passport, Cash & Credit Cards

              It's that simple! Make a list (or two), check it twice and enjoy worry-free preparations for the best Holiday vacation yet!

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