Each season we witness fashion evolving into something new and it's virtually impossible to keep up with the ever-changing trends. Additionally, the fact of the matter is, not every woman has the time or funds to shop her heart out with every changing season- and she doesn't have to! Lovestitch has a knack for creating the most timeless, versatile pieces that can be worn a ton of different ways. Take the gorgeous Mila Maxi Dresses for example! 

Our absolute favorite dress has been a staple in our closet for years, the Mila Maxi Dress. It comes in a variety of colors, textures and prints and it is the easiest dress to throw on and still look super chic. The free flowing, bohemian silhouette is effortless and the best part about this dress is that it has functional pockets! Pockets make this beautiful dress even more amazing and incredibly comfortable!

 One Dress – 3 Ways to Wear It

Yup, you got that right. The Mila Maxi Dresses may look like ordinary dresses to you, but do not be fooled! These are brilliantly designed dresses that feature soft, comfortable materials in gorgeous colors, block printed tie-dyes and original floral prints. These gorgeous maxi dresses come in so many different styles and colors, you’d be aching to get your hands on all of them!

Pick any gorgeous dress from the broad range of Mila Maxis available at Lovestitch and you’ll find that you paid for 3 different clothing items, for the cost of just one. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out how you can wear the Mila Maxi Dresses in 3 different ways.

1.      Great Accessories Go a Long Way


Just because you bought a maxi dress doesn’t mean you should save it for special occasions, or date night alone. A maxi dress stands out the most because it can be worn absolutely anywhere – if accessorized and styled correctly.  If you haven’t been a fan of accessories before, now is the time to start. Good accessories can make absolutely any outfit pop and look amazing.

Pairing up your Mila Maxi Dresses with gorgeous accessories, such as gladiator sandals, a cool hat, a matching scarf, belts, necklaces, etc., not only helps you turn up your look, but it also allows you to let the world see the playful and creative girl you are!

2.      Wear It Short


Just because you bought a maxi dress doesn’t mean the only way it’s supposed to be worn is long and flowing. In fact, you can create at least 5 different styles of dresses with just one maxi dress! You can wear it long, shorten it, add a blazer on top, the list is endless! Add some fun and excitement in your outfit by tying up the bottom of the dress to wear it short like the harem style maxi featured above! Pair it with an awesome pair of sneakers and some gorgeous accessories for an even more stylized look!

Additionally, you can tie the knot a little higher to make the maxi shorter. If you are a DIY fanatic, you can also create a romper out of the maxi just with a couple of knots in the right places.

3.      Pair Your Mila Maxi with Heels

If you happen to believe that maxi dresses are only supposed to be worn with a certain type of shoes, such as flats, sneakers, gladiator sandals, etc., then you’re missing out on a brilliant outfit idea! Next time you’re glamming up your outfit, try on your maxi with heels! Pairing up your maxis with a super cute pair of metallic heels will instantly boost your look and give you that subtle touch of sophistication with a nighttime vibe.

If you’re still doubtful of rocking high heels with your Mila Maxi, wear a shorter heel so you can walk in them easily, and pick a color close to the color of the maxi dress so that it’ll complement the complete look. And never forget the importance of accessorizing accurately.

Additional Tips

Although we’ve mentioned 3 very simple ways to rock that Mila Maxi Dress, we have additional tips to offer because these aren’t the only ways you can wear your maxi dress. If you are dedicated enough, you can even create a skirt out of the Mila Maxi just by putting on a shirt of your choice, or a blazer with the zip closed. The result will give an impression of a skirt and it’ll be an outfit like no other!

These were the several ways in which you can wear and rock your Mila Maxi while having fun and looking great!  So, go grab your Mila Maxis from Lovestitch today before their stock runs out!

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Hello love Love Stitch are you guys going to bring back the mila maxi dress in every color?

Cathy C Isaac July 03, 2020

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