Dressing up for the Holidays can be tricky for most women. Especially since everyone wants to feel and look good as if it were effortless. We all tend to have other women as our fashion inspiration, especially when we dress up. For example, celebrities, how do they do it? Or that girlfriend who always seems perfectly put together from head to toe. Well, the truth is, celebrities have magical fairies called “stylists” who spend days or weeks plotting and planning one single outfit. And that girlfriend, more than likely, she too has been plotting all week or even a month before an event.

But who has the time or energy to spend during the Holidays obsessing over what to wear for multiple Holiday events? My advice, don’t sweat it and keep it simple! I will bring you into that secret world of the stylists mind. First and foremost there is no excuse not to have a little black dress (LBD) in your closet.



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