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Which Halloween Cat Are You?

Posted by by Morgan Chacon on October 20, 2017 in Cat Quiz, Halloween, Halloween Quiz, Horror Movie, Movie, Music, Quiz

Take the quiz below to find out!

1. What is your favorite scary movie?
a. Halloween
b. IT
c. Hocus Pocus
d. The Shining 


2. Which Halloween costume would you dress up as?
a. Carrie
b. Pennywise 
c. Morticia Adams
d. Eleven (Stranger Things)


3. What is your favorite Halloween song?
a. Monster Mash
b. Thriller
c. Superstition 
d. Psycho Killer 


4. Your ideal Halloween involves?
a. Strutting your stuff in a costume contest
b. Trick or Treatin'
c. Watching scary movies & baking treats
d. Dancing the night away at the hottest Halloween parties


5. Your favorite Halloween treat is?
a. Pumpkin seeds
b. Halloween inspired cocktails
c. Candy Corn
d. Caramel Apples


If you picked mainly A you are:

Cutie Cowboy Kitty

If you picked mainly B you are:
Sci Fi Princess Leia Kitty


If you picked mainly C you are:
 Halloween Queen Chiquita Banana Kitty


If you picked mainly D you are:
Supernatural Witchy Kitty



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