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What the Lovestitch Team is Wearing

There has been a great divide lately among staff members at Lovestitch: on one side, we have our sweatpants enthusiasts, and on the other side, we have our fashion fanatics. And a bunch of us fall somewhere in between. And through heated debates about why we need ruffles now more than ever to why sweatpants without pockets is unforgivable, we’ve come to a consensus: there’s plenty of styles to ...

Lovestitch answers the question, "Is it safe to open packages and deliveries during the covid19 coronavirus outbreak."

We've been getting questions from customers about whether or not it's safe to receive packages in the mail during the coronavirus / Covid-19 outbreak in the U.S. Since none of us here at Lovestitch are scientists, doctors or epidemiologist, we've taken to research to find the truth of whether or not you're likely to catch the coronavirus via packages in the mail. Here's what we've found: Accord...

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