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Treat Yourself to a Day of Self Care
With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I’ve decided to create a guide for the perfect self-care spa day that can be enjoyed with a partner, friends, or just on your own! No matter how you’ll be celebrating the holiday, I hope you can enjoy some of these self-care suggestions and most importantly, carve out time for YOU.

Chill Out February Playlist

Posted by by Shannon Riley on February 06, 2021 in February, Music, Playlist
Chill Out February Playlist
Chill out to this dreamy playlist for February.
January Playlist: Age of Aquarius

As you begin the new year, you should do so with a sense of optimism because Jupiter is in Aquarius for the first time in twelve years!

Check out our Aquarius playlist and vibe out ~

Age of Aquarius
Happy New Year everyone! You made it through one hell of a year. Though the hardships of 2020 will unfortunately carry into this new year, I'm optimistic about what lies ahead. And another reason to be optimistic? Jupiter is in Aquarius for the first time in twelve years!

November Playlist - Shah Frank

Posted by by Maria Aoki on November 13, 2020 in Blog Post, lovestitch, Music, Playlist, Shah Frank
November Playlist - Shah Frank
If you haven't heard of Shah Frank you are in for a treat. The multi-talented musician and performer is a bright up and coming star. According to her Spotify bio, Frank is "Made in Haiti, Born in Brooklyn and built in Montreal". This diverse background imparts a unique style to her music, which is utterly captivating. Her new album, Stellaria Story, is out now. 

Spooky October Playlist

Posted by by Maria Aoki on October 02, 2020 in Fall Playlist, Halloween, Music, October, Playlist
Spooky October Playlist
Maybe Halloween isn't going to look the same this year, but that doesn't mean we can't get into the spooky mood. Whether you're a passive observer or full on Hallows Eve obsessed, you can't deny that this season's music has some bops. Enjoy this spooky scary October playlist... if you dare.

Cozy September Playlist

Posted by by Maria Aoki on September 04, 2020 in Fall, Fall Playlist, Lovestitch Blog, Music, Playlist, Self Care
Cozy September Playlist
Have you noticed it? The slight chill in the air? Fall is nearly upon us. And as we embark on another September, we cannot help but be a little excited for all that the season brings. So, grab that warm blanket, pour yourself some hot tea, and settle into this cozy September playlist.

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