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You’re walking through your favorite mall. As you stroll past the plethora of windows filled with the most eye-catching tops and dresses, you stop dead in your tracks. The entire mall hushes into silence to usher in the slow-jam background music of “Lucky” by Jason Mraz. Your fellow mall-goers fade as the lights go dim and a single spot light flashes on.

You’ve just fallen in love at first sight.

As you approach what you now know to be the love of your life, or at least this season, your stomach is filled with butterflies and you’re fighting back tears of joy.

You’ve never seen a more perfect romper in your entire life.

The closer you get to your new beloved, the closer you feel to heaven on earth. In anticipation of touching the soft, airy fabric you reach out your hand… but just before your fingers reach it, something catches your eye.

The price tag.

At first the numbers are all a blur, but as they come into clarity your heart sinks. You retract your hand as if you’ve touched a scalding hot frying pan. The background music screeches to a halt, the harsh fluorescent lights flash back on and the loud cries of babies and intense sounds of mall hubbub begin to pierce your ears.


Next thing you know, you’re sitting on the mall bench in a puddle of tears, stuffing your mouth with a Sprinkles Cupcake you had previously passed up in a moment of strength and optimism.

End Scenario.

We’ve all been there. Probably more often than we’d like to admit. The heartbreak of an over-priced romper is very real. But I’m here to tell you to get off that mall bench, put the cupcake down & wipe away your tears.

Shopping for your next romper doesn’t have to end in heartache! Lovestitch has made it a priority to keep our most coveted rompers at the lowest price for our customers, without sacrificing quality and style. Shop Lovestitch Rompers now! (I promise, you won't be disappointed.) 


July 08, 2015 by elisabeth ducharme
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