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Welcome to DAY TWO of the year 2015! Two days ago most of us resolved to start a new habit, break an old one, live a fuller life, remove negativity, increase positivity… Some resolved to lose weight, some to gain weight. Whether we announced it aloud or not, most of us resolved to make  some kind of change.

On New Year’s Eve it’s especially easy to see the year ahead as a new beginning and the truth is, it CAN be a new beginning. But there’s a catch:  It’s REALLY HARD to make a lifestyle change!

I  for one, get slapped in the face with this reality on DAY 2 of every new year. The rose colored glasses of excitement fade, the party hats come off and you realize that the beginning of a new year isn't going to magically change your habits for you. Which is quite disappointing if you ask me! But it’s reality and it’s probably for the best…What’s that old saying? “Nothing worthwhile comes easy…”?

Last year I resolved to start waking up at 4:30AM to go to the gym before work… and I failed.

This year, upon reflection and conversations with strangers, I realized that the reason why most of us fail to accomplish our resolutions is because we procrastinate. On New Year’s Eve we are gung-ho to make a change but on the day we actually have to take action, we put it off because, well, waking up at 4:30AM to go to the gym is a really difficult habit to start!

It’s in these first few days of the new year that we set the tone for the rest of the year. If you make an excuse as to why you can’t start your resolution until January 7th, the odds of successfully making a long-term change are against you from the get-go.

So on this reality-slap-of-a-day, I challenge myself and invite you to accept the same challenge: START. RIGHT. NOW.

Put down the coffee you said you’d cut back on. Get up right now and get the a glass of water  you promised to drink more of. Go to your fridge, take that last piece of leftover pizza and give it to homeless person. Pick up your phone & set your alarm for 4:30AM. Whatever it is you resolved to do, START RIGHT NOW! Because this time next year, you will be 100% responsible for whether or not you've accomplished all that you set out to do.

We've officially got 363 days left to make a change. Let's DO THIS!



January 02, 2015 by danny foruzesh
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