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Just in time for Fall/Winter ’15, our head designer left for London this week on a journey for inspiration. Known as one of the world shopping meccas, and for its cool, overcast days, London is the perfect location for cold weather clothing ideas. The brisk weather is ideal for coats, ponchos, jackets, sweaters and scarves. Her first stop was Oxford Street, in the heart of London, the perfect beginning with its bustling energy and landmark stores. This is where most Europeans and Londoners flock for their fashion needs. Her next destination is a swing by the very hip Carnaby Street, known for its mix of cool and quirky independent boutiques. Carnaby Street is a favorite spot for young rockers and hipster fashionistas, and a prime location for people watching!

After two full days of heavy duty cobblestone trekking, the essence of London is not fully experienced, and no trip is complete without hitting some flea markets. A short stroll from Notting Hill Station, passing the soft colored storefronts and terraces, there is a magical little shopper's dream street. One could never prepare you for the seemingly endless line of vendors, tightly wedged in any available space along Portobello Road.


All of the Bohemian inspiration is funneling through now, finely textured wools, cool vintage bags and unique finds everywhere!  She pushes past the menagerie of color and people onto Elgin Crescent to explore the fashion market under the Westway flyover, which leads to the troves of prized vintage, boutique fashion and retro memorabilia. This is any free-spirited woman's dream come true. Capping off her day, she ends with tea and a custard tart from Lisboa Patisserie. 


Keep your eyes peeled for our Fall/Winter ’15 collection!

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