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The Bandana: Ways to Wear

This small and humble square fabric has quite the history.

The term bandana believes to have originated from the Sanskrit word badhnati, meaning to bind or to tie. From its roots in India as brightly dyed and patterned handkerchiefs made of silk, to Persia where the paisley, or boteh, pattern was introduced, the bandana we are familiar with today has a long and global history. None other than Martha Washington used the bandana as a political tool, requesting that a local print-maker defy a British ban on textile printing by producing a bandana with her husband’s likeness on it.

All these years later, the bandana has become an iconic piece of American style. Whether you fancy the traditional red paisley, or an updated print or pattern, there is a bandana out there for everyone.

Introducing the Lovestitch Bandanas, a collection of traditional (and not so traditional) scarves that are meant to be tied up, twisted, knotted and whatever else you can think of! Grab one for you and a friend, either human or four-legged, and take your #twinning to the next level. 

Taupe Paisley Bandana

White Paisley Bandana

Black Paisley Bandana, featuring Yamilette Rivera and Archie

Here at the office we love to find new and fresh ways to wear this classic accessory. Here are a few ideas we are currently obsessed with:

Show us how you wear your #Lovestitchbandana!

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